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What can be changed?

This article will tell you about all the possible changes you can make to your theme and how we can help you with it. 

The answer is "Everything!"

This option is available for customers with Estate or Forest plan.

The "Customize portal" section lets you change the following elements of your support portal:

  • Name of your support portal;
  • Logo;
  • Favicon;


Our themes are not compatible with Freshdesk colors and fonts variables due to their small number. So changing of theme colors and fonts can be done inside the CSS-code instead of using Freshdesk variables.

Changes via the code

If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, then it's rather simple to make any other changes you like to the theme. For example:

  • Colors;
  • Fonts;
  • Icons (we usually use Streamline Icons, but it is possible to use any others as well);
  • Links;
  • logo return URL;
  • Header;
  • Footer;
  • Layout changes. For example, the number of columns;
  • Anything else...


If you change the theme on your own, we will be unable to install all further updates of the theme, and support of the theme will not be available.

Changes via Breezy Themes

If you prefer not to spend time on the job, we can do all the changes for you. We have the Branding and Customization services.

Our Branding service is for basic changes. We can change colors, fonts, background images and icons. If you have your brand's style guide, we can use it, or we can take the colors from your main website. Usually, branding takes 3-5 working days.

If you need more complex changes, you can purchase our Customization service. The cost of this service depends on the level of difficulty and is calculated separately in each case. Just share your customization requirements with us, and we will calculate the cost.

We will create a demo support portal where you will be able to check out all the changes we've made. Afterward, we will install the modified theme on your support portal where you can test everything again but with your real content in the preview mode. Only after that and when you are ready you can publish theme.

  The best way to start is to complete our questionnaire. It will take you a couple of minutes and will help us to understand your case and recommend the best solution.

You can also contact us at

Look at a few examples (1, 2) of our work.

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